Saturday, 1 November 2014

Preparations for the Trumpington Assault

Our armorers and uniform fitters have been preparing for the Trumpinton Operation which is scheduled to commence next week. Several new and 'revolutionary' items of equipment have entered Service but unfortunately operational necessity has reduced the opportunity for field testing.

An example of this is the 'Vaxomatikpsychikflayermachinen', the latest creation of Herr Prof. Stuffenbuch.

Here the SSPD Special Operations Unit parade for a group photograph prior to deployment on the Essex Coast.

Oberst Steiner looks over a custom built Z-boote in the SSPD workshop. He seems reluctant to climb aboard the untested vehicle.

A Fallschirmjaeger team of technicians pours over the operational manual. Clearly these are diligent individuals, most men don't bother with reading the instructions before they start operating dangerous machinery.

They work ! Z-boote undergoing trials. What could possibly go wrong with rocket propelled inflatable assault craft