Saturday, 8 November 2014

Trumpington - Starting positions

I thought I would outline the general plot and layout of the game we started last Friday night.  The game itself surrounds a German attempt to recover the Sword of St Godswain which is an occult item and is held in the church in Trumpington.

To do so they intend to land paratroops,  a glider containing heavy weapons and equipment as well as utilising Fifth Columnists and a Kriegsmarine amphibious section. The British just have to stop them !

General orders direct that the German players outline their plan which had the the following general structure. Fifth columnists are to secure a landing ground and guide in the Kriegsmarine seaborne unit.  They have to meet Mad Peter who has been bribed with booze to show the safe route to shore. German paratroopers are to land at the same time to provide support and help clear the landing field.  Once the glider has landed the Germans make their bid for the sword.

The British have several villagers that are umpire moderated and additionally have a little control over where the Home Guard are placed. Poor weather and they will be inside the church hall, clear weather and they can employ random patrols as well as man checkpoints and pill boxes.  Once an alert is sounded they can then bring on reinforcements in the form of regular troops.

The gaming consists of using Role playing and written orders for the first stage. Once an alert is sounded we move over to using Bolt Action rules but with special rules for, shall we say, 'non standard' equipment.

View from the East looking along the High Street. Laurence of Maldon  is cockle picking down on the  beach, Denzil the Village idiot (Chair of the Guild of Village idiots no less !) is chatting to the cows to the mid left of the photo. Fraser mans the checkpoint near the beach phone box. Mrs Faulty waits for her husband outside the guest house. Old Harry can be seen heading West back up the High Street towards the Church.

Another view just showing off the skills of Ted in making the beach and seafront. You also have a better view of the obstructions put up in a Farmer Giles' field. Mad Peters hut is rear left just in front of the Cornfield.

Another view from the Southern edge. Denzil is in the foreground and the church is at the far end of the High Street. Pike and Sponge are on top of the church tower. Even if the weather is good there is still a chance that Pike will want to read a comic rather than keep lookout !

Both Craig and myself had to submit written orders to Ted in advance of the game. Mine had to say where my 'traitors' were coming on the board from and detail the overall plan of attack and the scheduling for the arrival of the Germans.

I assume that Craig wrote standing orders concerning how the general alarm is sounded and who was doing what in the village including patrolling etc. I can't say more than that as the game is still ongoing and I simply don't know. I have no idea what other orders Craig has built in to his plan.

Next post will be the opening moves

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