Monday, 27 October 2014

Trumpington Mug Shots

Here are some of Ted's characters that will make their first appearance in the Trumpington game. Rich and Craig are playing the Allies and Jo and myself are the Germans. Ted is Umpiring and will be playing the villagers and assorted animals.

Sarge, I can't see a flaming thing in these goggles., they're all steamed up !

Captain Mainbearing, Sir! There's a parachutist in the tree. Permission to shoot him, Sir ?

Standartenfuhrer von Hollenstein, Operational Head of the SSPD. Many sheep gave their lives so that he could have this fur lined coat.

SSPD technician with a patented Dysonpsykikakumilationmachinen. The two questions are. What does it do? and What will happen when I roll a 1 and it goes wrong?

Herr Walter Fleck. Gestapo Liaison Officer with the SSPD. His impending arrival in Britain does not bode well for peace and reconciliation.  Is he related to PC TCP Pickard the village constable ?

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Luftwaffe fly past of Trumpington

The film of a Luftwaffe reconnaissance flight has been developed.  It may not be wholly accurate but sending another plane over to take more photos is risky and might alert the allies.  The photographs were taken by Oberst Heinz Beenz who will be piloting a Gotha Glider when the airborne assault is made.

This is a view of the beach, made of sand as opposed to shingle.  Oberst Beenz is a keen surfer and notes the two Rips in the waves. Unfortunately a 10 foot Longboard won't fit under the Glider pilots seat of his Gotha.

This is one of the photos of the glider landing zone. Which idiot decided to place obstacles in the open field ! Oberst Beenz reports this to Standartenfuhrer von Holenstein who is in charge of the operation. Arrangements are made for a 'Fifth Column' to remove these prior to the gliders arrival.

The barbed wire will also have to be cleared  and the bunker neutralised if the U Boat crew want to be able to get off the beach. A lot of trust is being placed in the fifth columnists by von Holenstein. If this mission fails his head may well actually roll!

Grand Designer spotted in Trumpington

A new architectural masterpiece by the famous Grand Designer Kelvin McLeod has been sighted in Trumpington. Almost overnight it appeared in the High Street ruining an otherwise beautiful view from the church bell tower.

 'Mad' Peter spends time in the church tower watching the day go by.  He recently told the Guest House owner, Mr Faulty that from that observation point he had seen herds of wild beasts sweeping majestically across near the open drains.

These are the drawings lodged with the Planning Authority of the new build. Mr McLeod told our reporter that the finishing touches are being put to the Guest House, the Beach Cafe and the Butchers run by Mr Jones.  No need to panic, Mr Jones, your shop should be finished by the end of next week !

Rumours abound that the cafe is going to be run by Renee and Stella Artois who have recently returned from France. If so they will be the newest folk in the village replacing  Father Ted, who arrived 20 years ago.

Friday, 24 October 2014

More news from Trumpington

More photographs from our intrepid reporter recording the activities of everyday Trumpington folk.

Here is 'Mad' Peter setting off for the beach from his hut. He is a really angry man which is why he is known as 'Mad' Peter. He also believes in Ghosts, the Loch Ness Monster, the Yeti and the integrity of Multi-national Financial Institutions.

Captain Mainbearing and his Elite Home Guard Platoon. Captain Mainbearing used to rule his platoon with a rod of iron until it was confiscated to make spare parts for Spitfires.

The Trumpington Home Guard with heavy support section. Captain Mainbearing doesn't believe in camouflage as that is for 'sissies'.

I was wrong in my earlier post. The grey/green coach is carrying members of the Society of the Golden Dawn to the church. They were only disguised as UKIP supporters. They are in Trumpington to protect us from the forces of evil.

Here is a birds eye view of the Home Guard on exercise near the church and vicarage.

The Beach at Trumpington

We have a game planned in two weeks that I will call The Beach at Trumpington.

It will involve German Parachutists, Home Guard, Fifth Column,  A 'Deadly Attachment' of U Boat crew, Dogs, Chickens, The Police, as well as the Allied Society of the Golden Dawn and the Axis Paranormal Division equipped with an infernal device called a Dysonpsykikakumilationmachinen.

Local residents, villagers and dignitaries include Denzil, Mad Peter, Dr Foster and Col Blakencroft all run the risk of becoming involved. Attached are some pictures sent by Ted as part of the pre briefing.

Here are some everyday images of Trumpington a Village life

Denzil, Get yer bloody tractor off the pavement

The old end of Trumpington with the original cottage

Doctor Foster with his brand new Morgan. A lovely motor but a real bugger to start in the damp.

Oops, someone forgot to take down the road signs.

Colonel Blakencroft speeding down the Bradwell Road. Fortunately PC Pickard (known to all and sundry as 'TCP') is  dealing with an obstruction so he can avoid an unnecessary Traffic Summons.

This coach is heading to Clacton. It is full of UKIP day trippers out to hurl insults at the 'Frenchies' on the other side of the Channel