Monday, 27 October 2014

Trumpington Mug Shots

Here are some of Ted's characters that will make their first appearance in the Trumpington game. Rich and Craig are playing the Allies and Jo and myself are the Germans. Ted is Umpiring and will be playing the villagers and assorted animals.

Sarge, I can't see a flaming thing in these goggles., they're all steamed up !

Captain Mainbearing, Sir! There's a parachutist in the tree. Permission to shoot him, Sir ?

Standartenfuhrer von Hollenstein, Operational Head of the SSPD. Many sheep gave their lives so that he could have this fur lined coat.

SSPD technician with a patented Dysonpsykikakumilationmachinen. The two questions are. What does it do? and What will happen when I roll a 1 and it goes wrong?

Herr Walter Fleck. Gestapo Liaison Officer with the SSPD. His impending arrival in Britain does not bode well for peace and reconciliation.  Is he related to PC TCP Pickard the village constable ?

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