Sunday, 2 November 2014

Residents of Trumpington

I really hope village life is not actually like this, especially as I plan to retire to one in due course. Enclosed are pictures of assorted Trumpington Villagers and neighbours. Some may have special rules and others won't. The beauty of an Umpire moderated game is that the Umpire is allowed to toy with both sides and can maintain some sort of game balance. This is particularly true if you are using new or character specific rules.

Mr and Mrs Faulty, owners of the Beach View Cafe and Guest House. It also has a full 'On' Licence allowing it to act as the village Pub.

Here Miguel the Spanish waiter can be seen waiting to make a long distance call to Bilbao. Arthur Streebe-Reebling looks on. He is very suspicious of foreigners.

This is the village Postmistress and her very special friend. Her ambition is to pump a bad guy full of lead as he tries to rob the Post Office. She is a very big fan of James Cagney.

Colonel Blakencroft, his daughter Penelope and her boyfriend, Roger, the Scoutmaster. Colonel Blakencroft's Gamekeeper is far right.

East End 'heavies' who might be meeting 'Black Stan' to do a bit of business.

Mr & Mrs Giles plus their two sons, Bill and Ben. Does everyone in the village have a firearm?

A local cockle picker. If the tide is out he will be on the beach.

Adrian, a fisherman from nearby Chilkley on Sea. His fishing boat was blown up by a stray mine.

Meanwhile on the other side if the Channel, Oberst Heinz Beenz prepares to pilot the Gotha Glider.


  1. If only I was half the painter you are Michael. Ted has put a lot of time into this, a real labour of love. I hope the game lives up to the hype.