Monday, 27 January 2014

Loki's giveaway

That splendid guy Loki is hosting a series of giveaways on his blog.

The Link can  be found below. If you haven't visited yet, them you should

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Slow Progress but progress nevertheless

It has been a mixed couple of weeks. University Interviews and a 19th Birthday for the eldest have come on top of a bout of flu hitting the whole family. Regretfully I also caught 'Man Flu' which laid me out for two days. Even 'The Good Lady'  was forced to take a couple of days off work and she still can't get rid of the lingering cough.

This has impacted on my painting opportunities but notwithstanding that I have made some good progress on my first Crimean Unit. I tend to work 'inside out' so flesh, greatcoats, crossbelts and epaulettes are all finished and I have started on the cartridge pouches and other pieces of equipment. It looks like I am well on the way there so I am still on schedule for my 1 battalion/ month target. The first battalion will be 20 figures strong and eventually I will add another 12 figures to it to make it up to my intended strength of 32. Before I do this I need to order some Spears/lances/flag poles  and get some suitable battalion flags as well. Ideally I like to have everything before I start as I don't like half finishing something as I then risk never completing it as I am distracted elsewhere.

I have already picked out the second battalion and they are in the 'pending' drawer. This will be 32 figures strong, also in fatigue caps but with gathered greatcoats.

The really good news is that I have finally finished the last 17 of my partisans (seen below).

They are an assortment of Artizan and  Marketeer minis from their Interwar VBCW and Irish Rebellion range. I particularly like the Naval type in blue flares and Brown coat with the roll neck sweater and the Artizan Demo expert that I suspect was modelled on David Niven from 'The Guns of Navarone'. I am also starting to include the occasional  unarmed civilian as they will add flavour to the Battle of Morden when we play that game later this year.

There is one 'head swap' which was a Gripping Beast injured head on a Musketeer figure.  Quite pleased with that as I am only slowly making forays into conversions.

I am pleased with the paler blue shirt colour that I mixed myself only to discover afterwards that Vallejo do a 'glacier blue' that is very similar and would have saved me a lot of trouble.

Although these complete  my Partisans I will add the occasional figure here and there for variety. A few unarmed civilians are also always handy as they can be used to provide comic diversions during games.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Crimean Russian Organisation

Following on from my post about Russian Crimean facing colours, I had a few questions that I wanted answered.

The system appeared to show that an infantry brigade contained two Regiments, each of which had 4 Battalions, in other words an 8 Battalion Brigade. Just a tad bigger than their British counterparts.

Therefore a Russian Crimean Infantry 'Division' would have 16  infantry Battalions plus support.
Moreover each Brigade would, on paper, have to be composed of only 2 Regiments or the facing scheme then becomes meaningless.

I found extracts from General Eduard Todleben's Seige of Sebastopol 1854-1855 which appeared to confirm this.

They refer to the centre right flank which in the first line is composed of 'the four battalions' of Grand Duke Michael Regiment with the Regiment of Souzdal alongside.
The second line is composed of the Regiment of Wladimir and the Regiment of Ouglitch with the Don Cossack (cavalry?) and batteries of artillery in support.
To me this looks like a full 2 Brigade Division.

Behind these Todleben refers to the 'Reserve' which is  said to contain the Regiment of Volhynia and 3 Battalions of the Regiment of Minsk (the other batallion is detailed elsewhere). Again this supports the 2 Regiment/ brigade theory.

I have no idea how large a Russian Infantry Battalion was in terms of manpower, but even if it was similar to and not larger than  it's British counterpart it is still a huge number of troops, even allowing for casualties and attrition.

On the painting front the first Regiment has been undercoated and had its first layer of greatcoat added. I have also painted the flesh on the figures and am waiting for a day or so before I start work on the webbing and facings. At his rate I will be on schedule to reach my target of three Regiments by March.