Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Trumpington Glider

Ted has sent me the following photos of his 'Gotha' Glider we will use for the Trumpington Game tomorrow.

The pictures tell the story, the back of the glider is hinged to allow Jo's troops to disembark.  I feel rather awkward that this humble blog showcases someone else's skill.

Glider from the front starboard side.

View of the rear with the hinged door open.

Gotha Glider displayed above the table. Boy does that look good !
On the downside I note the sentry box and checkpoint that wasn't' displayed on my pre game map ! Checkpoint is visible just below the nose! The GPO have also strung another phone line down the High Street. Blast the Grand Plan is already compromised.

I will try and upload the generic game plan and map I received on which I based our cunning plan later