Sunday, 2 November 2014

Trumpington Game Board

Ted has sent me some photos of the game board.

View looking up the table from the Beach. The beachfront guesthouse is at the bottom of the photo, Denzil's field is to the left.

Another view from the sea, this time showing the dunes and bunker in front of the guesthouse.

The High Street. Jack Jones the butchers is finished. No. 3 High Street is demolished and is now a walled compound and orchard.

Jack Jones, family butcher. He even has his own van  !

The Guesthouse run by Mr Faulty

Essex Rgt.  A/T Gun crew on exercise

Denzil's field. He has been told to park his tractor in the middle of the field by the ARP Warden.


  1. Great looking game, the beach is awesome!

  2. It looks really good doesn't it. Ted has surpassed himself

  3. It's just getting better and better!