Saturday, 25 October 2014

Luftwaffe fly past of Trumpington

The film of a Luftwaffe reconnaissance flight has been developed.  It may not be wholly accurate but sending another plane over to take more photos is risky and might alert the allies.  The photographs were taken by Oberst Heinz Beenz who will be piloting a Gotha Glider when the airborne assault is made.

This is a view of the beach, made of sand as opposed to shingle.  Oberst Beenz is a keen surfer and notes the two Rips in the waves. Unfortunately a 10 foot Longboard won't fit under the Glider pilots seat of his Gotha.

This is one of the photos of the glider landing zone. Which idiot decided to place obstacles in the open field ! Oberst Beenz reports this to Standartenfuhrer von Holenstein who is in charge of the operation. Arrangements are made for a 'Fifth Column' to remove these prior to the gliders arrival.

The barbed wire will also have to be cleared  and the bunker neutralised if the U Boat crew want to be able to get off the beach. A lot of trust is being placed in the fifth columnists by von Holenstein. If this mission fails his head may well actually roll!


  1. Great aerial shots! Lovely to get a full sense of the scale of the board.

  2. Thanks Michael, Ted is the true genius. We just enjoy the fruits if his labours. The beach looks stunning