Friday, 24 October 2014

The Beach at Trumpington

We have a game planned in two weeks that I will call The Beach at Trumpington.

It will involve German Parachutists, Home Guard, Fifth Column,  A 'Deadly Attachment' of U Boat crew, Dogs, Chickens, The Police, as well as the Allied Society of the Golden Dawn and the Axis Paranormal Division equipped with an infernal device called a Dysonpsykikakumilationmachinen.

Local residents, villagers and dignitaries include Denzil, Mad Peter, Dr Foster and Col Blakencroft all run the risk of becoming involved. Attached are some pictures sent by Ted as part of the pre briefing.

Here are some everyday images of Trumpington a Village life

Denzil, Get yer bloody tractor off the pavement

The old end of Trumpington with the original cottage

Doctor Foster with his brand new Morgan. A lovely motor but a real bugger to start in the damp.

Oops, someone forgot to take down the road signs.

Colonel Blakencroft speeding down the Bradwell Road. Fortunately PC Pickard (known to all and sundry as 'TCP') is  dealing with an obstruction so he can avoid an unnecessary Traffic Summons.

This coach is heading to Clacton. It is full of UKIP day trippers out to hurl insults at the 'Frenchies' on the other side of the Channel


  1. All looks peaceful enough at the moment! Lovely set up Nigel.

  2. It is all down to Ted who scratch built the lot. He is a very talented guy