Saturday, 25 October 2014

Grand Designer spotted in Trumpington

A new architectural masterpiece by the famous Grand Designer Kelvin McLeod has been sighted in Trumpington. Almost overnight it appeared in the High Street ruining an otherwise beautiful view from the church bell tower.

 'Mad' Peter spends time in the church tower watching the day go by.  He recently told the Guest House owner, Mr Faulty that from that observation point he had seen herds of wild beasts sweeping majestically across near the open drains.

These are the drawings lodged with the Planning Authority of the new build. Mr McLeod told our reporter that the finishing touches are being put to the Guest House, the Beach Cafe and the Butchers run by Mr Jones.  No need to panic, Mr Jones, your shop should be finished by the end of next week !

Rumours abound that the cafe is going to be run by Renee and Stella Artois who have recently returned from France. If so they will be the newest folk in the village replacing  Father Ted, who arrived 20 years ago.

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