Thursday, 25 September 2014


I have started on my SYW 10mm figures that have been hanging around in my lead cabinet for a while. I have a chance to 'crack on' with some base coat coverage whilst Mrs J is at work but that will be it for this weekend as we have to move 'Eldest Child' to University digs. A 500 mile round trip coupled with the inevitable supermarket shop courtesy of Dad.

 These are my first 10mm guys so I am not sure how to paint them. I have read that you should exaggerate colours or they won't stand out at a distance but although 10mm is too small for some of the more delicate brush work I want them to look 'half decent'.

I am painting my figures 'By Regiment'. My first batch of line infantry consists of 36 musketeers, 12Grenadiers  and a Battalion gun all in regimental colours. I am going to paint 'Line' troops first as I think it would be pointless to paint Guards when I am still unsure how they will turn out. After all, who has seen a shabby Guards unit lined up alongside a pristine Grenzer or Freikorps Regiment.

Close order infantry will be based in two ranks of three on a 30 x15mm base with the Battalion gun on the same sized base but with the 15mm edge as the front. I will then combine Grenadier units into composite Battalions as happened in real life. This gives an infantry unit of 6 bases plus Battalion gun. My first units are 'Austrian' in style and base colours. I now have to name and number the regiments and allocate stats for their colonels.

Here is a quick photo taken from my phone of the current state of play.

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