Thursday, 4 July 2013

Game 3 -The Farm : Recce Photos

I have been sent these photos of the set up for The Farm.  The long edges are North and South and the French set up at the Eastern end of the table. Ted's instructions are that Les Francais can set up are anywhere within the Farm, the Farm Buildings and the Orchard.

The Germans set up up to 1 foot  in from the western edge in the hills. Infantry can be sent off table to outflank to the North and South but vehicles cannot.

The Lysander lands and takes off from the field along the south edge. The main issues here will be wind direction as the plane has to take off and land into the wind.  Either way I suspect I will have to either defend or at least suppress the northern end of the landing field whilst the plane takes off. Ideally I want wind coming from the West so that I don't have to defend the plane whilst I get my 'cargo' on board. At least if it has to take off heading West I have a chance of suppressing his troops that are over that way whilst the Lysander flies overhead.

Objectives are to get my scientist and the photos back to the UK. The Germans have to stop me. There will be secondary objectives but they are specific to each side and we don't know what they are yet. I can confirm that I have some rife armed resistance but am saying nothing more. Craig and Jo will have Germans paratroopers and vehicular support at the very least. What exactly I don't know but it would be surprising if  Lt Gruber's Sdkfz 222 was not seen taking the field again.

This is the 'Grey Ghost' Lysander that Ted has built. 

This is a view from the west of the Farmhouse with the orchard in front of it. The other farm buildings and yard are to the rear. The landing site for the Lysander is to the south on the right hand side of the farm as you look. The terrain tiles are 2 foot square

The Farmhouse and Orchard (French Golden Delicious apples obviously)

The outbuildings and farmyard. Surprisingly there is no model cesspit or dung heap but then again this is clearly an arable farm. Please take note of the dodgy wind direction gauge that will obviously conspire against me

View from the East. I will be defending from this end

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