Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Game 3 - The Farm - I have no one left to debrief !

This was a sorry state of affairs. A comprehensive and complete victory for Craig. You only have to see my casualty box fill up as the day went on. Normally my figures are insulated from the elements but this might give you a hint of my frustration !

Where did I go wrong?

 I had nothing really capable of stopping his vehicles. My ATR and 6pdr couldn't hit a barn door at 6 feet. Not a single hit between them all game. My rocket unit was 'experimental' so it was bound to fail.

Even if I had declared or asked for some of my units to be equipped with Panzerfausts or similar Craig's vehicles were never really close enough  to make an impact with the exception of the Sdkfz 250. The Lysander was my main asset but it never had a chance of landing.

I will chalk this one up as 'one of those things'.

One final thought. The 'rule of the new figure' was in evidence today. Brand new Panther - breaks down on the first move. Brand new Panzer IV - breaks down. Brand new Rocket Artillery - fails to hit a thing.  Brand new Commando Unit - appears ' at random' right in front of two tanks with predictable consequences !

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