Saturday, 27 July 2013

Recent Recruits

I have been busy at work recently whilst at the same time I have had to delay painting the rest of my partisans due to to family  holiday 'preparations', which in my case means clothes left on top of my painting area. I rather suspect that I won't have time to get anything else done before we disappear to the West Country for a couple of weeks.

I have, however, realised that I failed to produce a close up of the GPO (General Post Office) rocket team that I bought at Salute and finished a mere two months later. This was the team that so spectacularly failed to hit anything at all throughout the course of the entire game. Useless !
My father is something of a stamp collector but his knowledge of 1930's Post Office  uniforms amounted to 'dark blue I think'. So much for the esteemed membership of the GB Philatelic Society then! As a result I guessed but they have come out OK.

I like Musketeer Miniatures and I especially like the fact that Bill will bring out something 'different' for those of us that are not talented converters. I know that is always a risky prospect for a manufacturer which is why I have tended to support his range of Interwar figures.

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