Saturday, 13 July 2013

'Allo, Allo, London zees eez Nighthawk'

Game 3 is being played tomorrow. I haven't posted pictures of any recently finished figures in case Craig catches a look. All he knows is I have a Special Delivery' unit to use.

However I have managed to finish these Artizan Designs characters that 'draw inspiration' from the BBC Comedy Show, Allo Allo.  The intrepid  freedom fighters are Rene Artois his waitress Yvette and Michelle (of the Resistance) and the two RAF Aircrew Carstairs and Fairfax. These are not in any way 'secret' so a picture is attached. The whole show is full of extreme National Sterotypes, I particularly like the fact that Michelle is wearing bobby sox and sandals with the expected  trench coat. 

Behind them is A Lledo 'Model T' Tanker that has been re sprayed and painted. The scenario involves a Westland Lysander and a covert operation 'somewhere in Normandy'. The ad hoc rules we use are sometimes what really makes a game. For example this rule applies to the pilot of the Lysander.

Carruthers Teddy Bear

Carruthers has a lucky teddy bear that was given to him by Nanny prior to him leaving for Prep School. He carries Mr Woppit with him on every flight. Mr Woppit will give Carruthers a D3 bonus on landing/take off skill tests.

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