Wednesday, 26 June 2013

German Aircrew

I am gradually making some headway into my lead/plastic mountain. One of the items not currently concealed from 'The Master of The House' was a pack of Foundry 'downed' German aircrew. I had never bought from them before, mainly on a matter of principle over what I considered to be excessive postage fees. Having three girls means that aside from the 'Salute splurge' I am normally 'tighter than a crabs arse at 40 fathoms' for most of the year when it comes to buying figures.

On reflection now that they are finished I have to admit that I am pleased with them. The figures themselves  seem to be more 25mm than 28mm but I have friends who are 6'3" and 5'6" and no one complains that they are not 'in scale' when they stand next to each other. I sometimes wonder if wargamers are just a little too fussy at times.  

The issue now us to find a Luftwaffe plane that actually had a crew of 8 justifying the use of all the figures. The most I can find on the internet is 6 (He 177 ). The majority of the painting was completed a week or two ago but I had a rush job on my sentries so I wasnt able to finish these off until recently.

Mixed in with them are my milk churns, more of which later but I intend to use them in the next of our linked series of games, Game 3: The Farm 

I should be able to put the pre read and photos for this next game on the blog tomorrow.


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