Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Game 3 - The Farm - I need a new plan

At the first available opportunity I ordered the Lysander to make a strafing run along the route of the proposed landing site in an attempt to stop the pioneers from ruining it. I had mixed success and was able to immobilise the truck but the pioneers were able to manhandle their explosive drums out of the back. The following round I targeted the Panzer IV that was heading East towards the farm with my sole bombing run. I missed ( the story of the day for me) and this directly led to the complete annihilation of the Commando Unit. The sole survivor was the Sergeant who avoided being shot whilst tanding out in the open ground.

At the northern end of the farmyard my my partisans were caught in enfilade fire by the dismounted troops from the Hanonag. In two turns I lost a whole unit including the leader Paul Camembert. Another unit of German riflemen approached the farmhouse from the North.

It was at this point that the 81mm mortar section conveniently found their range and scored a direct hit on my 6per gun. Compounding the rapidly worsening situation was the irritating Lt Gruber Gruber who was leading a charmed life in his Sdkfz 222. He seemed to be able to drive around at will shooting up any of my units that were visible.

It was clear now that I would be unable to land the Lysander. I simply had no units that were capable of taking out his armoured vehicles and the Panzer IV was lumbering inexorably towards the landing site. I decided that I would try and create a small corridor along the centre of the table, race my jeep from the 'garage' at the Eastern Table edge to the farm, drag the professor and Yvette on board and try and escape off of the western table edge.  I thought I was in with a chance as the next round saw the Panzer IV break down.

In order to give myself a turn or two to accomplish this I ordered the Lysander to make two South/North starting runs just to the West of the farmhouse. In a straight line I hoped to pin (in order) the pioneers, the squad who had decamped from the Sdkfz 250, avoid hitting my squad in the road and then strafe the German Squad who were approaching from the North. Needless to say this was doomed to failure. Almost inevitably the squad who suffered the most damage were my own. Compounding matters the Germans returned fire at the Lysander damaging the engine. With glycol pouring out of the engine cover the aircraft returned to England, the parting words of the resistance were that they suggested the rear seat gunner attended Gunnery School.

Notwithstanding this I was already committed to this escape. As my jeep hurtled down the road Yvette and the Professor made their way from the farmhouse. It was typical that it was at this point that the mortar team accidentally dropped rounds significantly short of their intended intended but slap bang on top of the escaping duo. As the dust settled there was no trace of Yvette and the Professor lay mortally wounded..

The jeep approached the duo and picked up the professor but as they started to drive off they were confronted by the German backtrack that had turned to face them in the country lane.

The result was inevitable.....

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