Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Game 3 - The Farm pre read

This has come through from Ted. It gives an overview of the next game and probable scenario, viz the defence of the farm.  Time to start looking for 28mm cows !

To Hauptsturmfuhrer Martin OIC 13th Paranormal Division
From Sturmbannfuhrer Arno Kliensmann
HQ Prinz-Albrecht Strasse Berlin.


My Dear Hauptsturmfuhrer Martin

Heartfelt congratulations in recapturing the Psychic battery. Professor Stuffenbach has examined it and is satisfied that it contains sufficient dark energy to be suitable for the next stage of the plan. It is now contained in deep storage. The professor is now working on a man portable device so that the battery can be transported by easier means. I wish you to undertake a selection process to find a "volunteer" amongst your elite team. The ideal candidate need not be too bright but should be capable of lifting heavy weights.

It has been brought to my attention that some of the partizans managed to escape. This has put a bit of a damper on what would have otherwise been an excellent operation. It has certainly prevented your immediate promotion!. You must track these vermin down and destroy them. Amongst the dead was one Mime la Bonk. She is known to us as a leader in the French Communist resistance. On her person was found papers indicating a connection with a French professor, Andre le Clerc. He is a physicist with left wing leanings. It is not known at this stage what the communists would want with a physicist but we can infer that they will be up to no good. I suggest you round them up and shoot them just to be on the safe side.

The le Clerc family own a remote farm house in Normandy. This is no doubt where the French were going to take the stolen battery. We will dispatch details and maps to you in the near future. Once you have those I suggest that you draw up an operational plan to deal with this small problem. We have requested that the Luftwaffe operate night fighter patrols in the region of the farm. Not even that fat useless bastard Goring should be able to screw that up


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