Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Game 2 - Firefight

Halfway through the game and I was in an awkward position. My troops were split between the front of the convoy where they were significantly outgunned and the rear where I held the advantage.  I reversed the French lorry backwards away from the mess so that I created some distance and forced Craig and Jo to spread their fire? Additionally their leader Hauptsturmfuhrer Martin was also at the rear of the Convoy and they risked losing him through sheer weight of numbers as I had 6 people still inside the truck. I had some success as I managed to neutralise one of the remaining guards at the rear of the convoy.

The Germans again fired at the Opel peppering it with 20mm holes and creating an even larger fire. They had more luck when a sentry threw another potato masher at Mimi and the driver of the staff car.  A direct hit took both of them out of the game. This trooper and their leader were now the only two Germans West of the Staff car assuming you discounted the comatose smoking sentry who repeatedly failed his recovery tests. Despite this Martin was successful with a long range shot at the gaggle of men surrounding the Opel.

Sheer weight of numbers started to take effect and I had a good round forcing Martin further away from the action and reducing the troops on the south of the road at the cost of one of my men in the Kubelwagen and another to rifle fire from motorcycle troops. I dropped off the remaining maquisards from the Camion and made a first venture 'off road' at which point the Camion immediately stalled? At least it disrupted the line of sight for Martin's sniper rifle.  It was at this point that Jo took out one of the men carrying the psychic battery.

As this was the second time this had been dropped or struck a test had to be made, which I failed dismally. A further dice role gave no respite and it was announced that a green gas was now leaking out of the canister. All figures within close proximity were required to test and several, French and German alike found that their skin started to fall away from their faces and they became devoid of life, starting to shamble along in a Zombie like stupor.

It was now clear that a new 'enemy' was amongst us. A frantic fight ensued with French and German figures fighting zombies rather than each other. Unknown to either Craig and Jo was the fact that one of the figures affected was in possession of the photos I needed to keep hold of. Fortunately I was able to 'terminate' the unfortunate and recover the photos. It was then that Craig started to move the armoured car from it's starting position and it took out another of the Zombies by ramming it as it threatened the troops on 'his' side, north of the road.

The unfortunate smoking sentry arose from his slumber on the Camion at precisely the wrong moment and immediately suffered for it. The Germans cleared the area north of the road and the French the south. It was clear that my photos were going to make it off the table but that Craig and Jo had prevented me from succeeding in my primary mission. Given the significant losses I had incurred (including the loss of  both of my leaders) honours were even if not slightly to the advantage of the Germans.


I was lucky, I should have lost the game. Craig probably kept his best weapon (the armoured car) stationary for too long. He could have cleaned up if he had moved a turn or so earlier. However we are still playing around and learning the rules, early days. A good evenings entertainment and on balance a fair result

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