Saturday, 22 June 2013

Game 2 Schwarzenadler Plan

I have just returned from tonights game. Attached is the Map I was provided with.

I played the French Resistance and my aim was to make my way through two checkpoints together with a new psychic battery and photos of the same that I had stolen/liberated in the last game.

I gained victory points for getting through the checkpoints with either one or both items. Craig and Jo had the job of stopping me.

I only had 4 German speakers but 7 uniforms as well as my remaining partizans and I had to nominate exactly where they were in my little convoy.

The game started at 6am. My plan was to pretend that we were a platoon returning from a night out in town just prior to being shipped out to the Eastern Front.  The fluency or otherwise of my German speakers was diced for at the start of the game. I hoped to bluff my way through the first checkpoint at least and then try to repeat it again when we approached Grubers 'little tank '.

In the plan I submitted to Ted (the Umpire) I said that any non German speaking  but uniformed partizan would appear drunk and that the partizans not in uniform would be split between the two lorries.

My partizan leader 'Stella Artois' was in the Kubelwagen playing a lady of ill repute as was the Communist Laison Commisar  'Mimi le Bonk' who was in the staff car.

I prepared a few contingencies and arranged my order of march.

I had one LMG Team. The remainder of my partizans had rifles, Mimi had a Sten and Stella a pistol. I had one Teller Mine and three Panzerfausts. I nominated which figure had which by sticking a label to the underside if the relevant figure base.

All I knew of the opposition was that they had sentries at the first checkpoint which was by a bunker and an armoured car (Grubers little tank) at the second.

We played the game 'down' the table 9' x 5'.

The AAR and photos will follow tomorrow

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