Monday, 10 June 2013

Briefing - upcoming Schwarzenadler WW2 Game

The next game in our Schwarzenadler linked series of games/campaign is in two weeks time.
Ted has sent me the pre read and in addition to finishing painting my German Checkpoint and laying some acrylic colours on my Foundry German Sentries (assuming they arrive in time) I have to come up with a 'cunning plan'.

I am playing the brave members of the French Resistance, Craig is the dastardly Germans and Ted will Umpire and ruin all our best laid plans


In the last game my resistance fighters were able to destroy a strange form of experimental 'Tesla' tower and pinch a new type of battery that a German professor had been developing. All this took place at night during a thunderstorm where a lightning strike  activated the tower and generated strange 'goulish' creatures from a rock pool. These creatures laid waste to many of the German troops guarding the laboratory and it seems that the German intention was  to generate these creatures. However the Professor appeared to be unable to control them. Plaudits go to the three SOE troops I had been 'given' to assist me. Without them I would have been lost.


I have the battery and photo's of the installation that I took when it was raided. I have to get both of  these  to a French Physicist who is waiting for me in a Farm. 'London' is sending an RAF Lyslander to collect the Physicist, the battery and the photo's and take them to England. My job is to
A) get the equipment to the farm
B) mark the landing site at he farm
C) defend the site long enough for the Physicist and the equipment to leave by plane


I have been able to 'liberate' an Opel Blitz truck, a Kubelwagen, a German Staff Car and a Camion Ancien (old French bread lorry). I have also got enough German Uniforms for 7 of my resistance fighters although only 4 speak German. I have another 19 brave Maquis on call. I have to decide who goes in which vehicle and more importantly where I put my German speaking men. As Rene Artois (hero of the resistance) is unavoidably detained at his cafe, the Maquis will be led by his sister Stella.

This is my flying column. Please note the ancient lorry just waiting to break down at the rear

I have recently been advised that Mimi le Bonk (French Communist) may be able to assist although if she and her fellow revolutionaries are controlled by Ted I doubt it ! I am not sure if the Communist Leader 'Citizen Camembert' will be with Mimi

I have been told that I will have to pass through two checkpoints, the first of which is a guard post and the second is manned by Leutnant Gruber in his 'little tank' before I get to the farm.

Obviously the issue for me will be to get through the checkpoints without raising the alarm. I assume that Craig will have his Fallschirmjaeger rapid reaction force and they will doubtless have transport. They are all better shots than me and have better equipment

I have 3 panzerfausts and one teller mine. If I can't bluff my way through Gruber's checkpoint I will have to be careful as to how I use them.

Where did that pillbox appear from?  Lt Gruber's 'Little Tank' is in the field opposite

All I have to do now is formulate my battle plan.

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