Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Return to the fold

They say that bloggers hit a brick wall after a while, there are of course notable exceptions.

I hope that I can scale the wall with a little help.

Since I last posted

'The boys' plus Teds Korean War vet father (also called Ted just to make things simpler) spent an excellent weekend in Normandy
We have had a few games
We cancelled more than a few due to work commitments
We started yet another period having sworn we wouldn't
We moved from the beaches of England to the snow of Norway and as of this weekend we finally arrive in the Western Desert
Figures from Black Cat arrived 10 months after I ordered them

This weekend we have engineered a day of gaming. Our Weird War 2 has moved  to the Western Desert. The encounter is a combination of role play and Bolt Action set in the market town of Khazi, a center of trade full of figs, dates, flying carpets, dodgy venues, famous personalities and names ripe for puerile  juvenile puns -  can't wait.

After that we plan a game centered on a cowardly attack on a glorious Italian Air base/ R&R  area, by Craig's SAS cowards who seem to be  intent on pilfering our finest Chianti and making off with our delicious ice cream.  That is, of course, assuming the SAS painted in time.

Expect to see some 'real life' characters make an appearance although perhaps not as you may expect to see them.

By way of a teaser here are a couple of early photos

An early photo of the village of Khazi. I scratch built a few market stalls  for this and that seemed to set Red off on a building spree. The building at the back is the local Police Station. By the way  if anyone wants any juniper berries that also double as  28mm water melons I have  a spice jar full of the things!

This is Dick's cafe. It is designated as a 'Late Night Refreshment House'  which means he can sell booze as long as he provides entertainment alongside it. Some dubious bands and acts have performed here. It is rumored that Madame 'Ping Pong' might be booked for a short time early next year. This place even has a flushing toilet ! 


  1. Great to have you back amongst us Nigel! I just love the idea the sign on the outhouse at Dick's café!

  2. Some wag removed all the 'Hazachem' tape and used it as bunting