Sunday, 20 December 2015

Not quite the end of the 'painting' year?

I don't make New Years resolutions as they always seem to end in failure. When I stopped smoking some 25 odd years ago I deliberately waited until March to avoid that fate.  Aside from a couple of short and very temporary relapses (predominantly alcohol related) I have kept off the evil weed. I became convinced I had definitely  kicked the habit after a rather heavy gentleman's 'stag' weekend  6 years ago where the greatest difficulty I experienced was in maintaining a vertical stance  rather than turning down a cigarette. We may have been mature in years, but for a fleeting moment, those of us that still had some,  let our hair down. (and we showed those youngsters how to do it!)

As far too many New Years Eve's have been 'ruined' through work, I am coming round to the view that my 'year' is inextricably linked to the Financial rather than the Calendar year. This is typified by my view of the Annual Balance of Lead surplus/deficit. I usually make my largest annual purchases at Salute in April. These are then topped up throughout the year as and when I see something I really like. As a consequence the success or failure  of a painting year can be expressed in terms of whether I have painted 'all the stuff' I bought at Salute.

Two years ago was a disaster. A SYW Pendraken Austrian army lies part under coated in a Tupperware box as do 36 Foundry Russian Crimean infantry in Shell Jackets. On the up side I now have 40 odd WW2 and interwar figures finished that can be used for a variety of roles from the  30's onwards. Oh yes, did I mention my Saga figures? Perhaps this era was called the Dark Ages as those figures have still not seen the light of day!

Last year I restrained myself to 28mm WW2 purchases. The Bolt Action Italian paratroops are all painted and based with the exception of a Breda MMG Unit. I have even converted a couple of 'secret weapons' that have not been used as yet and though I would love to post images, I can't.

The Perry DAK Zug just has one section to complete and the Zundapp Solo is now happily pinned to its desert base. I have even built and based my Nissan hut for the air base game due next year. This is all on top of scratch building some Arabian market stalls and painting a few flavour figures such as my Jazz Band and the Christopher Lee miniature in desert uniform. I have even started on some ECW Highlanders although I am rapidly deciding that perhaps I only need one unit of tartan figures.

December is, therefore, the month in which I reassess what needs to be completed in the remaining time prior to the end of March in order that I can then justify another spending spree..

At the moment the outlook is positive, if I finish  the DAK Then I am as good as done. The concern is that having done that There is a real risk of being carried away by ''The Next Big Thing' in April. Does this mean I should start something new beforehand?

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  1. Now that's an eminently sensible suggestion. I'm not a fan of New Year's eve, crammed into the corner of a packed public house, unable to get to the bar and seemingly forced to talk to people that I would normally try and avoid at all costs - that may be middle age getting the better of me, but I see the end of the academic year as the one to celebrate. Like you, I have far too many dark corners that hide Salute purchases long forgotten.