Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Happy Cheesemas !

We finished the Christmas shopping last Saturday morning, fortunately this was relatively uneventful and we escaped long before the scenes of idiocy that befell others as they tried to leave shopping centers in their cars. However I was banned from buying a new mixing palette I 'just happened' to see in passing so I have a suspicion I know what the Mk3 daughter has got me this year. All that is left is to collect some milk, fresh bread and minor last minute requests from the Mk1 daughter.

I opened the fridge this evening to be confronted with a large amount of cheese. The quantity is almost obscene except for the fact that one can never have enough good cheese ! We had been to a Food Show a few weeks ago with friends and had returned with a few truckles of more unusual varieties that don't need to be stuffed with apricots, cranberries or kiwi fruit to hold your attention. That and a visit to the supermarket had resulted in more Cheddar, Brie, Camembert, Stilton and a heap of pickles but unfortunately no 'Stinking Bishop' blue.

Therefore, 'Cheesemas' officially starts tomorrow as we have to wade through all of this before it goes off. Still, at least it is guaranteed to be flavoursome. That is regretfully more than can be said for the forthcoming visit to 'The outlaws' this weekend where, if normal service is to be expected, they will already have started boiling the Christmas lunch vegetables to death.

Merry Cheesemas everyone.

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