Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Trumpington - Part 3

Here we see the schoolboys attempting to break into the rear of Jones the Butchers. There was at least one Bren Unit on the first floor hosing down the Fallschirmjaeger in the landing field. Although they broke into the rear by smashing the windows they were prevented from gaining access by the two ladies of the Post Office who happened to be armed with Shotguns and issues of 'Women's Own'

The next stage saw a unit of Fallschirmjaeger  cross the road into  the cover provided by the East Wall of Jones' Butchers. They were followed by the cows who stopped in the middle of the High Street. Von Holenstein and the Paranormal Division crossed the road by the Guest House with their elite 'Werewolf' unit to the fore.

At the same time the Essex Regiment arrived at the south western end of the table. Dismounting from their transport they took up position along the edge of Farmer Giles' field and let rip into the Fallschirmjaeger heavy weapons. Although the paratroops held their nerve they lost the use of all their heavy equipment including the cameraman who had been waiting to record events for posterity!

The view of the front of the Butchers. There is a unit of Home Guard commanded by Jonesey in the rubble on the south side of the High Street opposite the shop. This intrepid band of brothers refused to budge and held their ground from the Fallschirmjaeger on the landing ground. Keeping the Germans in the open allowed the mortar based in the grounds of the church hall to start inflicting multiple pins, forcing them to the ground. Even the Paratroop Command unit was unable to 'encourage' the paratroopers from leaving their hastily dug scrape.

In a desperate attempt to rescue their colleagues south of the High Street the paratroops on the East side of the Butchers run into the road attempting to break in from the front, all the while  driving the cows ahead of them. They take damage from the Essex Regiment jeeps and scout car who had turned into the High Street  by the church. Damage was split between soldiers and cows with the remaining bovines heading into the rubble opposite. One could see Jonesey licking his lips at the potential profit from these cows conveniently slaughtered for him outside his own Butchers Shop

Disaster! A sneaky  murder hole in the eastern eaves of the attic in the Butchers allowed the British to fire a snap shot at the Paranormal unit. Lucky hits meant that some of the technicians were struck in addition to the unfortunate Oberst Heinz Beanz who was pushed in front of Von Holenstein by Her Fleck as he was ordered to 'Take one for the team'

Winding up the Vaksomaticpsychicflayermaschinen, it was targeted at the troops in the house. Unfortunately the machine worked 'too' well and it had the effect of turning the brains of all the occupants of the building into jelly, that included the Fallschirmjaeger who had recently sought cover there. The last reported words of Gefreiter Schultz were reported to be ' Dear God, he's slimed me !'

The werewolves made a rush for the eastern end of the churchyard where they were met by Colonel Blakencroft and his fellow explorers. Fortunately for them the good Colonel opened up the carry box to reveal that he had indeed collected his elephant gun and other firearms as opposed to the similar looking carry case that contained his butterfly nets. Ultimately it made no difference as the werewolves routed the small band of adventurers

The werewolves run along the alleyway to support their colleagues south of the high street but are sniped at by the few remaining concealed troops hidden in buildings opposite the church.

The Essex Regiment vehicles hurtled down the High Street supported by a Vickers MkVI light tank that churned its way over the fields obliterating and routing the remaining German Parachutists. The column seemed to be heading straight towards Von Holenstein. The Daimler Scout car and Jeep then strafe Von Holenstein and his command team.

The Vaksomaticpsychicflayermaschinen is targeted at the vehicles but the consequence  of frying the minds of the vehicle crews is the loss of control of their respective vehicles and Von Holenstein being hit by a rogue riderless motorcycle.

Given the near decimation of the German Command Team, what was left of the assaulting unis were withdrawn back to the Z-Boots and Von Holenstein made his way back across The North Sea to their  base in Norway.

The Society of the Golden Dawn retain the sword of St Godswain and now have time to study its properties. Jonesey offers steaks all round as he carves up the dead cattle outside his butchers. Steiner was captured and Her Fleck now has a permanent limp. Pike did absolutely nothing from his perch in the church tower. He didn't't even spot a swarm of paratroopers and a glider land nearby as on every occasion he was 'looking the other way'.

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