Monday, 22 December 2014

Ice Station Thule

Yes, we have decided to stage the next game in Arctic Norway. Although the specifics of the game haven't been settled as yet this will be a case of role reversal with the Allies attacking.

The remnants of Von Holensteins Paranormal Division have relocated to Norway. Reinforcements and requisitions from as far away as Italy have been sought  which will introduce new characters into the story. All of us have 'invested' in new figures and vehicles !

The Society of the Golden Dawn will have the opportunity to utilise the Sword of St Godswain and make the most of its special features. This is their reward for victory in Trumpington.

I know the Ice Station is already under construction and Craig has been painting his SS in Winter Camouflage (far easier than pea camo!).

I now have some Finns who will double as Norwegian Linge and we will use my resistance figures to represent Polish slave labourers.

Ted has been constructing a motorised sledge for Allied use and the building of the Ice Station is in hand. There has also been talk of penguins and other wildlife plus Unidentified Foreign Objects have been sighted against the backdrop of the Northern Lights.

More to follow soon


  1. The ice station is made out of polystyrene from a 3D TV. It is looking very good and is even the right colour!