Monday, 1 December 2014

Trumpington -Part 2

Whilst the Bootleggers and the Police were embroiled  in their own internal infighting another group of Fifth Columnists arrived to clear the landing field of obstacles and set up the landing lights. Unfortunately for them the cows took a deep interest in their actions and accompanied their every move.

Having laid out the Orange Target Landing panel the Fallscirmjaeger started to arrive. All of the 'sticks' landed safely and they were able to converge and start to collect their weapons from the canisters.

With the Bootleggers making a hasty getaway the Metropolitan Police Unit continue to the Church Hall where they are to meet The Society if the Golden Dawn. The bus contains members of Special Branch assigned by Scotland Yard for this purpose.

Corporal Jones' section make their way to the ruins opposite the Butchers as part of their patrol. APR Warden Hodges goes with them. At this time no alarm has been raised.

Fallschirmjaeger recover their weapons and form into sections. The cows are still following the Fifth Column schoolboys mid photo.

ALARM ! A little old lady cycling along the High Street is, in fact, an SOE agent and spots the Fallschirmjaeger in the fields to her left. She races towards Frazer to raise the alarm and alert the Home Guard.

Realising that he is 'doomed' Frazer abandons the checkpoint and scuttles back down the High Street. Damned coward!

As the alarm is raised the GPO  team are rumbled. They are detained by Special Branch officers leaving the last phone line uncut and intact. The call is sent out to Colonel Blakencroft and also to the Essex Regiment calling in reserves. Will Colonel Blakencroft arrive with Guns in the back of his Roller or Butterfly nets ?

The glider lands and slides to a halt near Denzils Hut. Heavy weapons are deployed from the rear  of the glider together with the Paranormal Section under the Command of Von Holenstein. They make their way to the hedge line whilst the Fallscirmjager start to deploy closer to Trumpington village centre. The Paranormal Section are reliant on the regular troops securing the Church before they can enter and try to recover the sword of St Godswain.

Having secured the Guest House the Kriegsmarine head towards the woods that will allow them to cover the North side of the church. The traitorous schoolboys run across the road and flatten themselves against the end of Jones'  Butchers shop. For some reason (probably a 1 on a D6) the cows follow them.

At this stage the game is in the balance. The Germans have secured the landing grounds and beach and have started to move into the village but the Allies are now on full alert and can act independently of their standing orders.

Here is a photo of the chart we used to mark progress of 'known' units. Game rules were a mixture of Bolt Action and House Rules with Freestyling thrown in when it seemed appropriate.


  1. Nice looking game, beautiful table!

  2. Yes the table is good. A fair bit has been replaced over the last year and it was ' raised' so we can use one end as a cliff face. The buildings and locals 'yokels' add character.