Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Trumpington - The Aftermath

This was a really enjoyable game. We all really like the concept of order dice that is part of the Bolt Action system and it did lead to one side or another having a 'run' of orders.

Although points values don't always fit in with our games I think use their Use will help balance out the Axis and Allied 'conventional' units. In our games special weapons can be very effective but there is always a severe downside should they fail so using them is a gamble. In this case my use on the Butchers was too effective as it took out all the people in the building (including my own) rather than the intended unit on the first floor and in the attic. The other end of the spectrum would have involved a catastrophic explosion !

Using the recommended squad sizes will also reduce the number of order dice and will speed things up. Further tinkering with the house psychic rules will probably involve a psychic order dice or two being thrown into the mix. It gives a little more variety without disrupting the main system.

Most importantly we had fun, which is what this hobby is all about. The following couple of days were full of suggestions and wish lists for the next game of which more in due course.

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