Friday, 7 February 2014

Morris Cowley Vans and Regiment of Minsk

Having spent another weekend away in the West Country ferrying my eldest to a University Interview, the penalty clause for dragging along my youngest was to take her to an amusement arcade for an hour. Having plied her with 2p pieces she headed to the waterfall coin drop machines. Whilst the she effortlessly spent my hard earned cash on assorted ' Despicable Me' minions I noticed that there was one machine that contained Oxford Diecast vans.

An outlay of 20p netted me one and a further £1 gave me a second. I know they are both 'technically' 1/72 scale, but they still seem to match as small vans for 28mm figures. Excellent value at that price and they will fit in with both VBCW and also 'England Invaded' games. As they are both cigarette lorries there is additional scope for theft and smuggling games.

I have also gloss varnished my first Russian Crimean Infantry Unit. I am not going to base these individually so I will have to divert from my normal process and complete the gloss and  ' anti shine' coatings before basing them. I bought both 2mm and 3mm depth mdf bases from Warbases and I suspect I will settle on the 2mm. Either way I have washed them all with wasted down pva glue as this apparently stops any warping. Not having used mdf before I wonder how they will compare to plastic bases. They are certainly a lot cheaper.

The only thing that I'll be missing is the flag. For some reason North Star has been out of 100mm lances for a while. I was going to use these both for my standards but also for my Crimean 17th Lancers as lances. It does not make too much difference at the moment by it would be nice to see a fully finished unit as this will help motivate me.

Despite this I have managed to prime the second Russian battalion. As soon as the first is based I will crack on with that. Hopefully I will be able to upload pictures this weekend.

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