Thursday, 13 February 2014

3rd Btn, Regiment of Minsk

I have finally taken photos of my first Russian Crimean Infantry Battalion.  It is all varnished and based, the only thing missing is the standard which will be a cut down North Star Lance with GWB Designs flag. I also intend to increase the figures to 32 (3 more bases) but I will need to get these from Foundry.

This was very much a test run to see if the colours and washes looked OK and I am happy with the result. The fact this is the 3rd Battalion is indicated by the light blue band around the top of the fatigue cap.

Already on the painting table are another 32 figures which will make up the 2nd Battalion. At the moment they are primed and are being 'face painted'.


  1. Very nice work, clothes are really great!

  2. Thank you, I was pleased with the way the greatcoat colours came out