Thursday, 27 February 2014

Minsk Regiment Command Stand

Attached is an image of the completed command stand for the 3rd Btn, Regiment of Minsk. I finally finished this last night, the standard is a North Star Lance and the flag is by GMB. The detailing on the flag is really good, all that was needed was a touch up around the edges. I haven't painted units with flags for ages having moved to more modern skirmish gaming so it was a pleasant surprise that it all came together so easily.

I have also made some real progress on the 2nd Batallion as I have finished the flesh, Greatcoats, trousers boots and crossbelts on all 32 of them. Given that these models have no backpack or equipment other than a cartridge case and bayonet frog I am hopeful they will be finished soon.

Completing two units in just over two months is a real boost and reduces the lead mountain before the annual spending trip at Salute.