Sunday, 16 February 2014

How long should a standard pole be?

My North Star 'lances' have arrived and I am in a bit of a quandry. Each lance is 100mm long, which is clearly far too long to act as a standard pole.

The question is how long/short should they be and should I have the flag bearer 'resting' the standard on the ground.  Unlike my 10mm Pendraken SYW figures these 28mm Foundry figures came without standard poles.

I think I am going to have to cut some of the lances to various lengths and then see what looks right.  I imagine I will have to do.the same when I paint my 17th Lancers as I will use the same lances for them.

The other issue is what colour do I paint the standard pole as I have  very little information on this. Unless I discover otherwise in the next few days I will go down the line of using Russian Napoleonic colouring for both standard poles and artillery pieces.


  1. Now there's a question! I quite like my standard bearers resting their colours on the ground as it gives it a bit of added stability. As for the lancers, I did read that the standard length was 9' and after much number crunching (not a strength, I have to admit) I came up with a number just short of 5cm!

  2. I agree with you regarding resting standards on the ground.additionally waving them around 'one handed' sometimes looks a bit odd.
    I didn't't know about the lance lengths. Thank you