Friday, 6 December 2013

Camels and Mahdists

I have brought more of my newly acquired 'stash' home from the office and have been sorting through it whilst 'Mrs J' is at work. Amongst the goodies are a treasure trove of 15mm Essex Colonials. I counted 150 Zulu (unpainted) plus around 430 Sudanese infantry 80 cavalry, 50 camel troops and 6 field guns. The only Sudanese that aren't painted are the cavalry. Not in the style of my choosing perhaps, but they are properly painted and therefore can be used on the gaming table.

Here are the Camels and artillery

This is the mass of infantry

I am funny like this, unpainted figures are a real 'No way, Jose!' I still have nightmares of my small lovingly painted unit of Polish Lancers racing to the assistance of a pile of unpainted, unprimed and unbased Minifig Curassiers who were under attack from a heap of Russian Guard Uhlans (similarly uncontaminated by enamels). My Lancers failed to make charge contact and were then wiped out by the 3rd 'Metallic' Cossacks.  But I digress...

I was originally going to donate the Colonials but the 'butterfly' has taken grip again. For a relatively small outlay I could acquire a mid 19th Century British Colonial army that over time could be the opposition to either the Sudanese or Zulu forces. Both are 'horde' type armies and I can use a card controlled system a la Peter Guilder for Solo Gaming.....
Fortunately the figures arrived in Box Files that I can store flat in my 'Toy Cupboard'. The good Mrs J will just assume that these contain articles cut from old Gaming magazines and the pressure to otherwise dispose of them will reduce. At the very least I can delay any decision until next year!

Up until now 2013 had been a very efficient year in that not only had I painted what I had bought but I had  started completing unfinished projects as well.  At least I can have a sort out his evening and dispose/ hide the evidence. The big question for me is whether to finish the Sudanese or make a start on my Crimean Russians (especially as they are in greatcoats). At the moment the Russians are winning.


  1. That is a seriously impressive looking hoard!

  2. It is. I've been very lucky. I still have no idea on number figures/unit and base size. The horde trays that are available all seem to be targeted at 28mm rather than 15