Monday, 9 December 2013

The Russians are coming

Due to work commitments (shifts all changed no leave over Christmas)  I suspect I have had my last game of 2013.  As I am an upwards  sort of person I am looking forward to 2014 with some anticipation. I have made the decision to start on my 28mm Crimean figures starting with the Russians. This is for three reasons.

First is that the Russian figures I have are predominantly in greatcoats. This means less button, finery  and assorted Victorian fanciness to paint. Hopefully  this should speed up the number of figures painted per month.  At the moment I am aiming for  1 x 32 figure regiment/ month. This is probably ludicrously optimistic but if I then complete 24 figures which is probably what many would consider a 'standard' sized battalion then I will be happy. Target therefore is three battalions by the end of March.  Additionally I would like to add one 'luxury' per unit completed. This may be a smaller unit or Gun. I have found a few French infantry so adding them a few at a time will provide encouragement and boost my resolve

Secondly is that I already have some British Guards, Line and a few Highlanders completed as well as my Cherrybums (11th Hussars). The Russians will provide some opposition for them and I can have a stab at Black Powder.

Thirdly, if I can crack into the Russians I can then treat myself at Salute knowing that I have a chance of painting a reasonably balanced force. The one thing I am short of is Russian Cavalry so that is my target.

Having properly waded through the figures I will probably only need to buy a few more figures from Foundry to round out the units. This won't be too costly at  perhaps a single  or two packs per month. Not financially efficient but as the only male in a household of 5 I have to face unfair and unjust questioning of 'necessary purchases' from 4 ladies who simply neither understand or appreciate this hobby ! I will  need another Russian Infantry Command Unit or two plus the British Lancer Command at the very least.

I still haven't decided on Unit size but with Greatcoated Russians I can increase or decrease the size  with relative ease. You can't see the facing colours (and to be honest I don't know them anyway). I am fairly certain I will base them in two ranks with 4 figs per base and that also seems to be the 'industry standard'.

First task though is to clear the assorted Christmas 'rubbish' from around my painting zone.


  1. this promises to be an interesting year ahead, I shall be following keenly

  2. Having seen the start of the Analogue Challenge it has spurred me to make a start before Christmas. The big issue at the moment is what colour to use for the greatcoats. All the images I can find show differing colours ranging from a creamy Brown to Grey.

  3. Foundry Spearshaft set is a good choice