Sunday, 8 December 2013

Re basing

As I am completing my Armed Civilian unit I thought I would top and tail a few other bits and pieces before I get my teeth into the Crimea.

First up is my Interwar British Police Unit. The guts of this are complete as it has two improvised Armoured Vans and a Supervisors Staff Car. In terms of figures what I really want is to convert one or two of the pistol carrying figures and arm them with LMG's.  Courtesy of the very fast delivery from Caliver  Books, a couple of 28mm Lewis  Guns from Minifigs arrived and I have to say that the detail on them is excellent.

I also read Loki's blog entry on his basing method. I use a very similar system but use cheap filler which I can then mold accordingly. I then use Quickshade dip to both shade the base and also provide it with protection from flaking.

As an example here are a couple of scratching 15mm MG bunkers that I cobbled together out of cocktail sticks and skewers. The walls of the bunkers were built up with foam and the filler was laid over the top of that.

These are the MG nests/bunkers as they would appear at the start of the game.

This is what they end up like!

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