Sunday, 24 November 2013

Cherrybums 11th Hussars

I have started to sort through my new Crimean figures. I would love to say that I painted these Hussars but I didn't. James told me that he even researched where the horses were branded so that the detail was correct !

My conundrum is this. I have a unit of 16 Hussars that although I may have to rebase, (still not decided on a fielder) I really don't want to spilt up. Even at a figure ratio of 1:20 that gives me a 320 strong regiment, twice the actual size of any of the Regiments in the Light Brigade at the time of the Crimean campaign.

This impacts on Infantry battalions as I don't want to have an imbalance in numbers between cavalry and infantry. What I might end up doing ( eventually) is to have one each of Hussars, Lancers and Light Dragoons representing the three Regiments who were in the 'front line' at Balaclava and 'assume' that the other units were absorbed into them. Sorry guys but the 11th are painted, the 17th were the only Lancers and the 13th Light Dragoons are my grandfather's regiment !

If I then assume that a 'standard' Infantry Batallion is commonly held to be around 24 figures I will be within the tolerances of rule sets like Black Powder. I will  have to research to see if a Russian 'line'  battalion was significantly different from its French or British peers and whether the Highland and Guard battalions were different from their Line colleagues ( I don't think they were).  Either way I will be trying to source Ospreys !

The lesson learnt is that even 'free' figures end up costing money and I haven't even started on the new paint colours and bases! The good thing is that a lot of the Russians are in greatcoats so they will be quicker to paint.

Maybe I should have thrown my hat in the ring for the  'Analogue painting' competition that starts in a week and a bit after all.

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