Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Nightmare weekend

I have spent most of this weekend in a car. Or more accurately I have spent most of the weekend driving it.

On Friday morning we drove down to Plymouth to collect Mk1 daughter, then returned on Saturday   only to collect Mk2 daughter and Boyfriend Ver2.2 before heading to Cambridge for a 50th Birthday party. This was made all the more entertaining by filling up at a petrol station whilst dressed as Tom Baker in full 1970's Dr Who garb.

My original choice of costume was to go as Frank'n'Furter, Tim Curry's character from the Rocky Horror Show but thus was vetoed not just by the family but also by Boyfriend Ver2.2 The fact that he is named Brad rather disappointed me to be honest.

A good night but we returned home to find we had acquired an additional shower in the kitchen. Cue the turning off of the mains water.  Have you seen the cost of plumbers over Bank Holidays? We can wait until tomorrow for Bob the Builder to turn up, I went in early and deloused at work

On Sunday night we were hit by Storm Katie. One of our trees lost a large limb which collapsed on the neighbours fence as well as destroying the washing line and posts. Not impressed.

Today we lost the Internet. The router has 'big problems' according to the nice lady from Bulgaria who handled the call on behalf of Sky. New router on the way, just the small issue of paying for it.
The fact that the weather was nice where she was did nothing to allay the 'Snapchat' withdrawal of my 13 year old.

On the upside I was therefore able to justify some retail therapy and bought some more figures without complaint from the War Dept. Furthermore my Osprey on Russian Crimean Uniforms arrive whilst I was at work.

Back to the paints tomorrow for the last DAK push


  1. Oh dear Lord, I'll stop my whinging about it being a 'bit windy' down with us - what a weekend!

  2. Thanks Michael, frustrating but if this the worst that can happen I consider myself rather fortunate