Saturday, 5 March 2016

Flying Officer Lee

I like 'specials'. In particular I like them when they add something to the game. Not necessarily a character with special rules, more a special character. Rather like 'Welsh Dai' the shepherd who gets 'really annoyed' if one of his sheep is caught in the crossfire but otherwise plays no role and has no impact on a game,  vignettes and one off figures have the potential to add humour and chance.

Last year Warlord released a figure of Christopher Lee shortly after his death. Lee was a Flying  Officer in the Intelligence branch of the RAF and served in North Africa  (Including as a liaison officer with the SAS and the LRDG) and in Italy where he memorably served with the Ghurka Rifles at Monte Cassino.

There is lots of potential for scenarios here. Lee spoke Italian, French, Spanish and German fluently  as well as passable Swedish, Russian and Greek, meaning he could be placed in theatre almost anywhere in WW2 especially if you add in his known contact with the Ghurkas.

My FO Lee is now all painted and finished in Desert/Mediterranean kit. Just be cautious that he might turn into a Vampire if wounded!


  1. What a lovely addition to any collection and I have to confess that I had no idea as to Mr. Lee's service record - incredible.

  2. I didn't trust Wikipedia so I double checked some old Parkinson interviews, he was quite coy about the SAS and 'suggested' he was involved with them by refusing to discuss such matters.
    I suspect he had dealings with them as an Intelligence/Liaison specialist. I was more surprised that he was Involved with the Ghurka's at Monte Cassino, but that appears to be entirely factual.

  3. Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss. See the link below for more info.