Friday, 11 March 2016

Khazi Game Photo's

Some close ups of the game in Khazi.

The market in full flow. Thugee's can be seen sizing up potential victims

This is the Post Office with Murkovs Ice Cream Van next to it. Due to an unfortunate typographical error and confusion with the I and the U on the QWERTY typewriter keyboard, the sign placed on the door by the Constabulary following the robbery indicates that ''This Post Office is Shit'

This is the local Police Station. Please note that detainees have ready access to a cell containing complimentary fresh air before they are brought into the station to confess their guilt when questioned.

Rick's Cafe American in close up. The Henri Mankini quartet can be seen pounding out some serious tunes. The sanitary facilities include the only flushing toilet in Khazi.

The death of Roberto Mankini. Hacked down for the sum of 3 Gold Coins

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  1. The first in a progression of internet recreations recorded utilizing areas supplied by The Khazi was taped in a bespoke set inside a London dance club (LON1739).
    Different diversions in the arrangement that element our areas incorporate The Poisoner, The Judge, The Date, The Deal and The Gambler.