Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christmas has arrived !

On of the guys that works for me (James) is clearing his loft in preparation for his retirement move next year. He is more of a painter than a gamer but is a real Victoriana 'buff'. He has an original Martini Henry rifle and Zulu Assegai in his study which also has a bust of Queen Victoria on the desk (you get the idea).

Last week he asked me if I wanted some of his old 'lead' that had been languishing unpainted in his loft and this included 'a fair bit' of Crimean War.

I arrived at work yesterday to find  boxes of 'stuff ' as James was working the weekend and had dropped it off.  Attached was a note saying 'You will like the elephant '!

When I counted up the booty found in one box file I had over 200 Foundry Brits including 30 cavalry and 3 gun teams plus about 150 Russian Infantry and Artillery !

There is no way I could ever have afforded this (leaving aside the complete Sudanese 15mm army that is in one of the other boxes he has left me). I haven't found the elephant yet....

The generosity of some people amazes me as he wants nothing for this. I have said thatt if he still refuses something I will donate to a charity of his choice.

The other option is to  get a framed Victorian Map of the World for him ( where the British Empire is shown in Red) that he can hang in his study. He has mentioned this in passing before and I know he would like one.

I'm still gobsmacked.


  1. Its very nice to receive such a gift and like your solution of the map

  2. It's the least I can do for a really generous guy Andrew.