Monday, 6 May 2013

First Post, hopefully not the Last

This is my first attempt at a blog. Having seen the quality of some bloggers I feel somewhat inadequate already.  I wonder how they felt when composing their first post.  Probably something along the lines of 'Why would anyone wish to read this ?'

A friend of mine has had two books published. He isn't an author by profession and I asked him what (at the age of 50) drove him to write his first novel and then go through the whole rigmarole of getting it published in the first place with all the 'grief' that entailed. He told me that it was the thought that somebody, somewhere might actually enjoy what he wrote that spurred him on.  I think he hit the nail on the head. In my case why now?

Last week I said goodbye to an old friend who emigrates to Cyprus this coming Wednesday. We were work colleagues,  friends and gamers together for over twenty years. In order to take advantage of tax laws (Income tax 5%) he is limited in the time he can spend outside Cyprus and as I am still working I can't just pop over to Paphos for a quick game of Wings of War!

The Internet though, is a wonderful thing. Through the medium of 'Face Time', Skype or whatever else will work between Essex and the Eastern Mediterranean, Spike can still be 'virtually' with us for Games Nights even if it does mean he will be reclining on a lilo wearing a pair if ill fitting Speedo's! The very high thought of that gives me cause for concern.

I had promised to post photo's of games, figures and evidence the poor command decisions Ted makes on the games table after one too many glasses of 'Old MA Bumslappers' finest ale, so here we are.

Should anyone have the faintest interest  in this I would advise that our little circle does tend to 'flutter'  between periods, hence the blog name.  Currently en vogue is  28mm WW2 with a twist. Sort of VBCW Steampunk I suppose. It is currently set in France but given the fact that Ted has just bought Foundry's  England Invaded figures, I have a feeling it is inexorably heading West across the Channel.  Don't expect Dickensian prose, good painting or superior terrain, we just enjoy having fn playing what my wife describes as 'Boys Games'.

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