Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Basing Issues...

I was able to get a couple of hours painting in over the weekend despite being at work for the whole of Sunday. Mixed success as I had started on my German WW2 Aircrew and managed to 'balls up' the colour of the flight suits at the first attempt. Currently I have a couple of figures in green, a few in green with a highlight of green/brown and  some in a repulsive vomit colour.

 Either I strip them back to bare metal (pinching the girls nail polish remover in the process and then denying any such theft) or make good the error some other way.  I would normally start again but the green/green brown mix figures actually look OK. As I won't get the chance to paint again before Friday at least I can make a decision that is not based on frustration over hours of wasted painting time. Even worse I had already painted the hands and heads.

Mixed in with this I finished and varnished my milk churn markers. Kudos to Matakishi of Matakishi's Tea House for this suggestion which I pinched and will pass off o Ted as an inspired flash of inspiration.. I based mine on 1p coins (cue admission of defacing the coin of the realm) and tried a new basing technique on them. I am not sure which method works the best. Thus far I have tended to base as follows

28mm          Gale Force 9 basing grit. Figures based on  20mm round bases
                     Not happy with this, aborted, doesn't look right unless you are on a shingle beach

28mm 1.1     Figures on 2p coins, basing material is cheap wall filler with GF9 material pressed into
                     the filler
                     Looks OK and is relatively quick
28mm 1.2.    Figures on 2pm coins, used GWAdamantium textured paint

28mm 1.3     Figures (or most recently milk churns)  on Coins, PVA, fine basing sand, Watered
                     down PVA to seal then paint
                     Tried this out for the first time this weekend, downside is the drying time

15mm 1.1     Flames of War bases, filler only, no grit
                     Less fiddly than using grit, looks ok

15mm  1.2    Kerr and King Artillery Bases
                     OK so I cheated !
10mm.          ?????????

The conundrum is that I was seduced by Pendraken at Salute and bought a small army of SYW Austrians.  (Ooops another new period). I don't think my filler recipe will look as good on them as I am going to have multiple figures  per base. Additionally getting thick filler between the figures but not on them will be difficult.

I am, therefore, tempted to go with the extra fine basing grit and PVA solution as this can be applied with cheap and disposable  paintbrushes. The other issue I have to decide on is whether to use painting sticks again or revert to blu tack and 1p coins. I don't know how others do it but I find painting sticks a little awkward. It may be that uniform 'march attack' or 'advancing' poses are easier than individual 15mm or 28mm sculpts.

We shall see.

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