Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Broken pieces

I am not by any means a gifted 'figure converter'. I consider it a success if I manage a headswap without the recipiant figure looking as though it suffers from 'giraffe neck' syndrome.

However I have recently been forced into action. I bought the Musketeer Post Office Rocket Unit for VBCW at Salute and discovered to my horror that the 'rocket' had snapped from the launch rail when I got home. My first thought was to rebore the 'tube' and then pin the rocket head back to it.

All was going swimmingly. I managed to drill and pin the tube without any problems and was basking in glory when my drill bit snapped whilst drilling the hole in the rocket. Not only did the sharp end of the bit then puncture my thumb producing a nice 'blood wash' but the drill bit sheared off flush with the rocket meaning retrieving it was impossible.

After much cursing I decided to  glue the rocket to the existing tube and use the protruding pin as an armature for green stuff making the device look more like a conventional firework rocket.

It appears to have worked and is now 'curing' in my gaming cupboard. I have to say that I don't know how sculptors get such wonderful results with green stuff. It always seems far too 'sticky' to allow me to work or mold it properly. I suspect I am doing something wrong  but I don't know what.

I don't usually have that many breakages but in these days of reduced 'boys games' allowance I cant afford to waste money by simply buying another set. I learnt my lesson at the tail end of last year when I decided to clip fragile PSC pieces from sprues rather than wait for new scalpel blades to arrive and then spent the best part of the evening gluing arm parts back together again.

That is ,I suppose, one of the advantages of metal over plastic.

I have started taking WIP of the rocket troop. In a week or so I the images to the blog.

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