Saturday, 7 May 2016

Night Boat From Cairo

The next game takes place at the Port of Sidi-bin-kebabbi on the Nile (next Friday to be more specific). Von Holenstein and the Axis have to arrive, meet and then board the Paddle Steamer Osiris whilst the Allies and the Society of the Golden Dawn stop them.

Here are some preliminary photos of the wharf and jetty. The Jetty is new but expect to see recycled pieces of terrain in different guises as we make the most of what we have. It may well be the case that  cranes, boxes and market stalls re appear.

We await the arrival of the Paddle Steamer 'Osiris' known locally as the 'Night Boat from Cairo'. No doubt this game will be sheer Madness!

With apologies to Graham 'Suggs' MacPhearson

It’s just gone noon half past monsoon
On the banks of the River Nile
Here comes the boat only half afloat
Oarsman grins a toothless smile
Only just one more to this desolate shore
Last boat along the River Nile
Doesn’t seem to care no more wind in his hair
As he reaches his last half mile
The oar snaps in his hand before he reaches dry land
But the sound doesn’t dampen his smile
Just pokes at wet sand
With an oar in his hand
Floats off down the River Nile
Floats off down the River Nile
I see the Osiris has safely docked

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  1. Fabulous, I feel the need for a Paddle Steamer 'Osiris'!