Friday, 6 May 2016

Mid day at the Oasis

We had a short vehicle based skirmish game last week. The Axis and Allies had both sent scouting forces out to secure an Oasis. Locals were there to ensure the Infidels did not ruin the only source of drinking water in that part of the Desert.

Prior to the game all three sides rolled for aggression. Having nominated my scouts as Italians with DAK support,  I was required to suffer a -1 to my roll as a consequence of  the result of prior losses. If the Arabs rolled higher than the other two sides they would attack them on sight.

This was a speedy affair and although we had infantry mounted in the vehicles it was very much an ad hoc Axis Unit fighting the SAS and LRDG. You might very well predict the outcome, I couldn't possible comment.

Axis forces lined  up at the start

LRDG and the SAS on the Southern flank

The village complete with Angry Arabs and spitting Camels. Both sides headed towards the village with the Locals not surprisingly picking on the Italians and not the British

LRDG outflank the north of the village

Luigi is deployed from the Improved Heavy Flamethrower disguised as a Chianti Bowser and takes out the Local militia in a gush of flame. He is cited for crimes against humanity as he flames not just the enraged Arabs but also the rest of the village.

Gruber's 222 goes up in flames, the victim of repeated targeting by a Humber Armoured Car and a captured Italian 20mm Breda mounted on a Chevrolet Truck

 One small consolation is the solitary LRDG Truck that is hit by the Italians.

The Italian's were comprehensively defeated as they were picked off by the superior LRDG vehicles. The only survivor was Luigi and his Flame Truck.  He did however remove all the Arabs from play.

A quick enjoyable name. No infantry were deployed and it was an opportunity to reveal Luigi in his Desert Camouflage. The fuel line to the truck was made from some aquarium hose which was push over the top of lugs drilled and pinned into the truck and the back of his thrower.

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