Friday, 6 February 2015

Thule scenery

Here are a series of photos of the scenery. the first few are 'finished' whilst the later photos were taken as it was built. A bit special really. Lots of polystyrene and use of cathode ray tube tv packaging. it shows how long the polystyrene had been in the 'useful' box as CRT TV's went out of service ages ago. 

Ted also muted the lighting in the games shed. There was white everywhere

This is a game night view of the base from the far end of the table. The lights flash red and when the magnetic field is in flux the backdrop has a green hue to it

This shows the VRIL tanks behind the 'saucer' pad. The turbojet is to the left, you can just see the nose

The main entrance to the underground complex. The lights flash on top of the buildings

The Polish labourers hut, sentry post and guard house

This is a pre game view showing the other side of the table.
Close up of the main entrance to the compound

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