Saturday, 19 April 2014

'Arfa' and 'Mrs Thatch'

Anyone who was around during the 1980's in the UK will know that two political figures who really polarised Public Opinion (both then and now) were Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Leader of the National Union of Mineworkers, Arthur Scargill. Whilst I was wandering around Salute I saw a couple of figures on top of the Reiver Castings stand. "That's not Thatcher is it?" Was my opening gambit followed by "Is that Scargill next to her?" It appears that Reiver are going to run a series of 1980's ish figures, perhaps along the lines of a Very 80's British Civil War and these were two of the openers in the series. After stating that I had to get them irrespective of whether or not I needed them, two figures were produced from behind the stand and coin was exchanged. I don't know if these were supposed to be available yet or not but I'm pleased I've got them. Mrs Thatch will do for any period from the 30's onward as she is wearing her 'uniform' of handbag, twin set and pearls. Arfa is a little more modern with a 'kipper tie' and 'Bobby Charlton' comb over haircut, but he can be slotted in as an anti establishment figure or just any angry man with no problems. Here they are with a spot of white undercoat. I will add more pictures as I go.
The strange thing for me is that as I started to look at News Footage of the Miners Strike in particular, I remembered what that period of time was like. I really am looking forward to some 'Spitting Image' inspired sculpts. 'Normo Tebbs' in a leather Bikers Jacket and Ben Elton in a flash shiny suit spring to mind. How about some 'Young Ones' students from Scumbag College ? For me the important thing is that I can use both of them for more than one period.

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