Sunday, 27 October 2013

Game 4 - Pont de Mouette - Opening moves

We are using the Bolt Action Rules with additional house rules introduced for the early stages of the game. These apply to things like Sentry awareness, spotting, paradrops, mine clearing and the  beach landing. This is the first time we have used Bolt Action and as there are three player (plus umpire) we have order dice 'in the bag' representing British, British Para, German and a solitary French die. As the French are partizans the fact that they are 'irregular' is reflected by the sole die restricting when they can be activated. I thought that was a good idea.
Mixed blessings for the Allies at the start of the night. For once the weather gods were in our favour and the SBS Kayaks had no problems with either wind or tide in making their way to the landing beach both on time and unharmed.
 Kayaks are scratch built by Ted.

It took only one turn for things to start going horribly wrong. Firstly the glider units landed safely (off table) but they were then incapable of meeting up with their Maquis Guides. The Allied heavy weapon support was therefore delayed for another 5 turns.
Secondly, the supposedly elite 'Expo' of the second SBS Kayak unfortunately detonated one of the mines attached to the beach defence he was trying to quietly defuse. The fact that he was also carrying two Satchel charges whilst he was doing this only enhanced the noise generated and alerted the otherwise comatose German sentries.
 The power of the explosion was sufficient to vibrate the tripod of this long range photograph! Attempts by Maj Hasler the SBS Commander to pass all of this off as the activities of an errant Seagull fail dismally.
 German troops slowly emerge from the bunker to investigate the unexpected noise. As they do so a landing craft emerges from the gloom and starts to disembark the Royal Marine Commandos equipped with Grappling Mortars

As the Royal MarInes disembark the first grapples are fired and the defending units emerge from the bunker.

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