Friday, 9 August 2013

Holiday Frustration

I am on holiday in the West of England. I love the area, I love the surf and I love the Beer. Even the sun has made the decision to come out and I spent a whole day at the beach without even a hint of rain.

So why is it that I feel frustrated ? I spent the morning glued to an Ordnance Survey Map and have been able to bore the girls with finding the site of 'Braddock Down'  1643 as mentioned in an article in the last issue of Wargames Soldiers and Strategy. If you are really interested what is described as West Tophouse is now known as West Taphouse and it is off the A390 between Liskeard and Lostwithiel.

Am I suffering from a lack of internet access alongside my 15 year old daughter who is pining for her boyfriend. Anyone who knows Cornwall will realise that 3G coverage is sporadic and Wifi is a luxury unless you can piggyback access at a cafe or hotel. As a consequence I am unable to Google stuff at will as it comes into my mind (Crete 1941 - I am reading an Ian Gale novel) or check to see what Vallejo paint is the equivelant of GW Elf Flesh or vica versa.

I cant even check Blogger to see what other people are up to as phone reception in the cottage is awful unless you lean out of the bedroom window (it has always been thus).

Most of all I miss the 'opportunity' to paint. It is the opportunity to do so rather than the actuality that is the issue. I have some more partizans that need finishing before the next game (that will give me over 30) and I have a hankering to buy and paint a full strength Early War British Platoon in 28mm. I also want a Vickers MkVI tank  to go with them.

This year has been productive in terms of painting for me. All my 'Salute' purchases are finished with the exception of a radio truck for my 15mm Luftwaffe Felddivision and my 10mm Austrians. I have also finished some Artizan and additional Foundry figures (all 28mm). As I was on a roll before I came away I think I want to hit the ground running when I get back hence my frustration.

This is coupled with two really enjoyable recent games.  I know Ted is terrain building at the moment and I suspect we will move towards  Bolt Action rules although I like the look of  Chain of Command by the Lardies.

Perhaps it is the prospect of another good game in the near future that is flirting and toying with my gaming tastebuds.

Either way, although I will be sad when we come home after a break that was really 'needed'  at least I have something to look forward to

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  1. I usually pack a small box with some basic paints and figures when I travel, as I often experience the same things you describe. However I dont have any issue with no internet as I often need a break from that at the same time as holidaying.